ECOGEEKO is a modern firm based on Innovation,Ecology and Economi, that designs, completes and delivers a wide range of interconnected services to the highest standards of efficiency and excellency in demanding and sophisticated environments. The firm’s team is led by expert professionals, and we are always there for our clients when they need us, providing them with direct solutions that meet their legal requirements.

We are always on the cutting edge, alert to what is happening in the market. We believe in change and in adapting to new trends, with a clear objective: satisfied clients.We are In the Cloud. . In essence, we prefer the serenity of work well done to taking on too much.

Our brand valueIn essence, we prefer the serenity of work well done to taking on too much.Efficiency means investment in technology, on-going optimisation of processes and giving our team the tools they need to achieve the firm’s shared goal: our clients’ success.

Our Services:



Our accounting advisory and management services give our clients access to financial reports produced in accordance with the current Accounting Standards, and with an in-depth knowledge of the business. These reports can thus provide comprehensible and useful information on which to base decisions,customized to client specific needs

The outsourcing of accounting services allows our clients to free up considerable resources for their principal business while administrative and accounting processes are handled reliably and more economically than dealing with them internally. At the same time they still have timely financial information for taking decisions.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Annual Accounts and official Accounts Books, with full outsourcing of bokkeepping process of transactions , posting and filing
  • Providing members, directors or parent companies with financial information in the formats they need both to obtain information for monitoring the business and for consolidation at a group level.
  • Consolidation of financial statements both where this is required by the accounting legislation and for facilitating decision making at a group level.
  • Cost accounting and accounting by projects
  • Budgets and monitoring deviations.
  • Management of accounts receivable and payable.
  • Cash flow forecasts.
  • Advice on the investment of cash flow surpluses.
  • Advice for internal accounting departments.
  • Analysis of financial statements.
  • Cost-benefit analysis.
  • Advice, management and support in negotiations with financial institutions.
  • Financial planning.

Commercial Law paves the ground for safe and diligent business decision processes, organization and trade. Investors and managers require sound practice with careful attention to detail but in emergencies, swift reactions have as much relevance and we give maximum priority to your business, optimising times and procedures, at no additional cost.



We provide our clients with integrated and on-going advice on the various aspects of company law:

  • Legal advice: incorporation, amendment of By-laws (increases and reductions of capital, changing the name of the company, its registered office, corporate objects, governing body, etc.), conversion, dissolution and liquidation of companies. Transfer of shares or interest units.
  • Organisation and administration of Companies, Secretary of the Board and Legal advisors: Official Books, preparing and filing Annual Accounts, announcements and notices of call, holding General Meetings and drawing up minutes and certificates.
  • Investigations of Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights: Patents and Trademarks.
  • Trade: Commercial Contracts, Transactions, etc.
  • Conflict resolution (executive and declaratory appeals). Negotiating with debtors in default.
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions; business restructuring transactions.
  • We offer integrated legal support throughout the various stages of take overs,mergers and acquisitions, from preliminary negotiations and carrying out Due Diligence in order to analyse and quantify risks and contingencies to drawing up contracts of sale or, where applicable, capital subscription commitments and advice on management of the company.
  • We negotiate and draw up contracts, meticulously analysing the terms and conditions that are best suited to each business strategy.



  • The sensitive nature of companies’ labour issues and the fact that new Legislation is constantly being introduced make the participation of a specialised team increasingly valuable and necessary. This enables businesses to delegate a major workload and responsibility, and we offer full-time assistance so that all obligations to employees can be entrusted to us.
  • Azcona is associated to the RED system and may file and process information online with direct access to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security server
  • Processing of  payroll slipsand Social Security with online distribution.
  • Application and update analysis Collective Agreements and employment legislation.
  • Registration of  Companies with Social Security and notification of subsequent modifications (changes in directors, new codes for contribution accounts, etc.).
  • Registration with Mutual Benefit Societies.
  • Registration of individuals as self-employed and on other special regimes.
  • Contracts of employment, extensions and renewals of contracts, studying the various alternatives and possible subsidies and allowances. Giving sufficient advance warning of contracts due to expire.
  • Risk Prevention Plans.
  • Executive contracts and remuneration.
  • Quarterly Income Tax returns, form 111 and Annual Return, form 190. Certificates of withholding tax and notification of payer’s data.
  • Employment inspections: assistance, defence, answering formal demands, settlements and appeals.
  • Representing companies in Conciliation proceedings with SMAC [Conciliation, Arbitration and Mediation Service] and dismissal proceedings.
  • Labour audits. Studies of Workforce costs. Compensation.



We put at your disposal a series of services designed to meet your needs. These can be provided both by our own teams and by integrating any special services that may be required in each case. This permits optimum attention to each situation and ensures coherent and comprehensive solutions, with the emphasis on their practical implementation.

Our goals in this area are:

  • To ensure compliance with the general and specific legislation applicable to each client’s business.
  • To ensure that compliance procedures are appropriate to the business process, financial structure and cash flow situation concerned.
  • To provide full assistance in both administrative processes and, where applicable, legal proceedings arising from tax inspections by the authorities concerned.
  • To support processes of acquisition, merger, sale or spin-off of businesses

We are professionally committed to keeping up to date with the publication and application of the tax rules, which are continually being changed and updated, and carrying out adequate planning with our clients to ensure compliance with the legislation.

  • State taxes: Value Added Tax, Personal Income Tax, Company Income Tax, Capital Transfer and Legal Documents Tax, Inheritance and Donations Tax.
  • Local taxes: Economic Activities Tax, Property Tax, Tax on Increases in Land Value.
  • Preliminary Advice on the most suitable legal status to adopt when setting up a business from the tax point of view.
  • Periodic and specific tax assessments/returns: study, preparation and filing, whether annual, quarterly or monthly.
  • Planning: preliminary analysis of end-of-year figures for Value Added Tax and Company Income Tax.
  • Tax analysis of the incorporation, conversion, merger and liquidation of companies, and also of property and financial investments.
  • Tax inspections: assistance, defence, answering formal demands, settlements and appeals in all the Taxes in our sphere of activity before any authority.
  • Analysis of legislation governing transfer prices and preparation of documentation for related-party transactions.
  • Due Diligence prior to investing in a company, in order to analyse in depth its compliance with all formal and material obligations and to evaluate, if applicable, any possible contingent liabilities.
  • Representing international companies that operate in Spain before the tax authorities; we are a party to the Spanish Tax Authorities’ [AEAT’s] collaboration agreements with third parties, so we can file returns on behalf of third parties. We are also registered to operate with the system of obligatory reception of electronic notifications (NEO)
  • We advise our clients and provide them with assistance at all levels:

Tax management proceedings, answering formal demands from the tax authorities, filing submissions, applying for and processing tax rebates. We also provide full representation in tax inspections, administrative action, whether in the form of administrative proceedings (interlocutory appeals or economic-administrative claims) or administrative litigation in the courts; and in the preparation of expert evidentiary reports.



  • Auditing accounts, whether auditing is obligatory or voluntary
  • Producing reports on the procedures agreed, special reports and those required under the commercial legislation.
  • Experts’ reports, various certificates of compliance relating to financial operations.